How to Start a DME Business


This is information for starting a new DME business or adding DME to an existing medical company.


The process for starting a durable medical equipment company is the same for everyone regardless if you are starting a new DME business or adding DME to an existing medical company. 


These are the first 3 steps you need to perform to open a DME business:


Step 1


The first step is to find a commercial business location and decide which categories of durable medical equipment you would like to provide to patients.  When starting a DME company, Medicare requires you to operate your DME business out of a commercial business location.  Medicare will not allow you to start a DME business out of your home.  Your commercial business location must be handicap accessible and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.  Medicare requires that your facility be open and available to the public, so you cannot start a DME company in a gated community or a similarly inaccessible location.  If you already have a medical business such as a pharmacy, chiropractic office, physical therapy office, and many more, you can start a DME business within your existing medical business.


For free information on what requirements your facility location must meet, call:



When starting a durable medical equipment business you have to determine what categories of DME that you will provide.  You can apply to provide orthotics like back braces and knee braces, CPAP machines, wheelchairs, hospital beds, TENS units, diabetic shoes, and many, many more.


For a free list of all possible DME categories that you can apply for, call:



Step 2


The second step to starting a DME company is developing or buying a set of DME business policies and procedures.  DME business policies and procedures describe in great detail exactly how you plan to run your DME business in compliance with all of Medicare rules and your Accrediting organization’s rules.  These policies and procedures are the backbone of starting your DME business and describe how you will, provide equipment to patients, keep patient records, maintain a safe OSHA complaint facility, operate human resources, perform performance management, perform accounting functions, and much, much more.  You can spend months writing your own (they should be between 200-250 pages long) or purchase them from our website starting at $599.  Our policies and procedures are the cheapest and most comprehensive that you can buy.  You must have a set of policies and procedures prior to your accreditation inspection, they are the first thing the accreditation inspector will ask to see when he comes through your front door!



For free information on the DME policies and procedures sold on this website, call:



Step 3


The third step for starting a DME business is to choose which DME accreditation organization you would like to become accredited through.  Before you can send in your CMS 855s application for a Medicare billing number, you must be accredited by any 1 of the 10 accreditation organizations.  Medicare has given the contract to 10 accreditation organizations to perform inspections on DME businesses and you can choose to be accredited by any 1 of the 10.  Each accreditation organization has different specialties and pricing. 


For free information on which accreditation organization is right for your DME business, call:




Many of the accrediting organizations have different prices depending on the categories of DME that you are going to provide.  This special discount pricing is not made public or posted on their websites.


For free information on accreditation organization special discount pricing and which accreditation organization is right for starting your DME business, call:



Types of facilities these 3 Steps apply to:


  • Pharmacy
  • Chiropractic Office
  • Retail Medical Supply Company
  • Home Health Agency
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Orthotic/Pedorthic Personnel Facility
  • Prosthetics Personnel Facility
  • Oxygen or Oxygen Related Supplier
  • Rehabilitation Agency
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Sleep Laboratory/Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • And Many More


For free information on the types of facilities that need to be accredited in order to provide DME, call:




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