DME Consultations


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We offer two levels of consulting services:


• $500 – Unlimited Phone Consultations while preparing for inspection


• $2000 - A Consultant will travel to your location and fully prepare it for inspection in 1 day.

Many have asked us over the years if they need to hire a consultant to assist in preparing for their onsite accreditation inspection. Some DME consultants charge $5,000-$10,000 to prepare you for inspection and we like to help as many people avoid these outrageous fees as we can.

Your DME Accreditation Phone Consultations will provide the following:


  • DME Policies and Procedures Manual Training Including Review of:
    • Administrative Policies
    • Financial Management Policies
    • Patient Care Policies
    • Human Resource Policies
    • Product Safety Policies
    • Performance Management Policies
    • Patient Records Policy
    • Facility Safety Management Policies
    • Claims and Billing Policies
    • HIPAA Policies
  • Aid in Assembling all Administrative Documents
  • Aid in Assembling all Financial Documents
  • Aid in Assembling all Performance Management Documents
  • Review all Staff Personnel Files
  • Review Sample Patient Records
  • Review Photos of the Physical Site including:
    • OSHA Requirements
    • Hang All Necessary Notices/Licenses
    • Conduct All Emergency Drills
    • Inspect Delivery Vehicle
  • Review of Accrediting Agency’s Inspection Checklist
  • Review of Medicare Application CMS855s
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