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At ABC Accreditation Manuals.com, we are the owners of a durable medical equipment company, as well as site inspectors for a DME accreditation organization. We have passed multiple facility inspections for our own business using these DME certification manuals.

When we first opened our company, I searched the internet for a place to purchase DME accreditation manuals or sample company policies, only to find a sea of consultants ready to charge $3,000 to $5,000 to create custom manuals for me!

Instead of purchasing their offerings, I spent months of my time researching and developing these DME certification manuals. Now, you don't have to! Our manuals have passed multiple inspections for our facility, as well as countless inspections at our customers’ facilities done by all 10 of the reputable accreditation agencies. For these reasons, we can absolutely guarantee that you will be successful in your own inspection experience.

A flat $599 fee will instantly give you policies and procedures manuals that will cover 95% of DME businesses. A $799 option will add the ability to provide orthotics and prosthetics, respiratory supplies and complex rehabilitative wheelchair technology.

All with a 110% money back guarantee!

Click, pay, download, and fill in a small amount of your corporate information. It's quick, easy, and certain to help your business pass inspection. Don’t go through the stressful process of researching and constructing your own manual. Rely on our confidence in our product, and use them for your accreditation needs! Our manuals are complete, intuitive, and easy to complete.


Who Uses the Manuals?


In order for certain businesses to have the ability to bill Medicare for durable medical equipment, they must have manuals that pass the DME certification inspection done by a DME Medicare accrediting agency. These businesses include: retail durable medical equipment providers, pharmacies with durable medical equipment, orthotic and prosthetic providers, and chiropractic practices that provide durable medical equipment.

We guarantee that our completely-written policies and procedures manuals will help you pass the policy manual section of your DME certification inspection. If for some reason you do not pass the manual portion of the inspection with one of our manuals, we will refund your money without any trouble. We are confident in our ability to give you the assistance you need, and in the thoroughness of our manuals. Contact us with any inquiries, and find the perfect manual for your budget from our options. Work toward your DME accreditation today!


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