DME Accreditation

At ABC Accreditation, you will find the only DME (durable medical equipment) accreditation manuals that you need to pass the DME accreditation inspection. We provide two different versions of the DME manual, the basic policies and procedures and the best policies and procedures.

The basic manual costs $599 and includes the following categories:

  • Administrative
  • Financial Management
  • Patient Care
  • Human resource
  • Product Safety
  • Performance Management Program
  • Patient Records
  • Facility and Safety Management
  • Claims and Billing Compliance
  • All DME policies excluding oxygen and complex rehabilitative technology


  If you choose to pay $799 for the best manual, you’ll receive all the categories from the basic manual, along with the following additional information:

  • Policies and procedures for the supply of respiratory equipment
  • Policies and procedures for the supply of complex rehabilitative wheelchair technology
  • Policies and procedures for the supply of orthotics, prosthetics, and therapeutic footwear


What is DME?


Individuals who have DME insurance are covered for necessary durable medical equipment that can only be prescribed by a doctor. DME usually meets the following criteria: durable, used for a medical purpose, useful only to someone sick or injured, and used in the patient’s home. DME includes equipment like blood sugar monitors, crutches, hospital beds, infusion pumps, oxygen equipment, patient lifts, and walkers.

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